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EPK "Trainwreck" Release 06/11/21

IMMUNITY is an aspiring Metalcore band from Nuremberg / Germany that creates songs which combine heavy guitar riffs, driving drum beats and bloodcurdling screams with wide and open melodic parts that guarantee goosebumps. The bands name is a result of the Corona pandemic which unfolded only weeks after Adrien and Dominik came together 2020 as a band and forced them to work remotly on their songs.

Dominiks Maiser's variety of vocal technics reach from a thriving clean voice over to hardcore screams and shouts. After years in Rock music Dominik worked together with vocal coach David Benites from Boston/USA.

Adrien Dembowski is a very talented guitarist with decades of experience. He is also studio musician and multi-instumentalist. He lays the foundation of every IMMUNITY song by creating a unique atmosphere throughout every song. 

With "Trainwreck" and "Trust the Algorithm" IMMUNITY start with their first two singles into the online music world. Dominik and Adrien record and produce their songs together with Christoph Wieczorek from "Sawdust Recordings" in Halle (Saale) / Germany. Christoph is commonly known as guitarist, singer and producer of ANNISOKAY. One of the most successful German Metalcore bands today. He supports IMMUNITY with his comprehencive knowledge from many years of music production.

As the pandemic unfolded a complete blackout of the live entertainment industry IMMUNITY were not able yet to perform live since their union. Dominik and Adrien will be supported by three more live musicians during concerts.

Short Facts about Immunity

  • Dominik Maiser is Screamer, Shouter and the Clean Voice of Immunity. He also write the lyrics.
  • Adrien Dembowski is multi-instrumentalist and sets the instrumental basis under every Immunity song.
  • Christoph Wieczorek, singer and guitarist of "Annisokay", is producer.
  • Songs are produced at Sawdust Recordings in Halle / Saale Germany
  • Adrien und Dominik are supported by more musicians during live concerts.

Here is our NEW SINGLE


Release June 11, 2021

The story behind Trainwreck is a moment in life when everything comes to an halt. The moment your stomach crunches, you feel the blood pulsating in your head and you can't see any way out anymore. The moment you wish that you could turn back time to avoid what just happened.

"I choose the pictures of a train accident to drastically show the devastating consequences we face when our life runs off the rails. Who ever faced such a situation on one point in his*her life knows exactly how it feels and maybe can relate to this metaphor like I do." Nik Maiser (Vocals / Lyrics)

Check out the Music video made by the aspiring german movie director Wesley TC Howard:

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What's cooking @ IMMUNITY:

Video production:

We will shot a video for our debut single "Trust the Algorithm" in June. The release of the video will be mid/end of July.

The Video will be produced again by Wesley Howard. See some of Wesleys works here:

Studio recordings

We will hit the studio in Halle / Saale again in July for another two singles which will be released after August.

Next Studio Date

In October we will hit the studio again for another two singles.

For this date we plan one very special single...



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