Mai 16

Trainwreck – Video shooting Day #1


We had the great pleasure to make the music video to our second single "Trainwreck" with the very talented moviemaker Wesley TC Howard. It was a BURNING experience... but let me get to this later.

The day started Saturday morning early at 8:30am. We met at the location and got our stuff out of the cars. Wesley already warned us "This will be a long day!". But what can happen that should be so exhausting? Everything started good. The room where we were shooting had enough space and was quite good darkened. We took tables to the windows and put large deviders on them. Some molleton over and we were ready to start.

Wesley TC Howard

The "burning expirience" was more on the fire detector side. He felt a little intimidated by the fogmachine which ended in an evacuation of the 7 story building and a bunch of police and fire fighter cars. At least the office building was empty on Saturday so the evacuation was not that big.

With an hour delay and some stress already we could start. The ideas Wesley had for this video were absolutly amazing. Lights, colors, movement, perspectives and shadows will make this a fantastic video experience.

At half of the day Adriens Smartwatch beeped for the 10.000 step mark. We filmed hours and hours in so many different cool settings that we forgot the time and the Kilometers we "ran" on the same spot.

We are so excited to see the results! Till then we have some making of fotos for you.

If you don't know Wesley you should DEFINETLY see the Trailer to his latest movie:

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