August 4

„Post Human Empire“ Song + Video OUT NOW!


We are STOKED to announce our latest single and music video "Post Human Empire"!

The shooting of the video was a total chaos:
- We had one week delay because of missing costume parts
- The directors assistant got Covid 7 days before shooting
- The camera man got covid one 6 days before shooting
- The light guy got Covid 3 days before shooting
- The main actor got covid on the first day of shooting! we had to change him on the same day.
- One location was demolished when we got there. But the location we got instead was even better!
- We had a flat car tire
- One person broke its leg besides the set
- On day 3 of 4 the second light guy got Covid
And we still finished the video ON TIME!

What is Post Human Empire all about?
It's the future where mankind is extinct. Only one guy (played by our vocalist Nik) is left on this planet. The only one that is with him is a reprogrammed work robot. In search for food and shelter they pass some spectacular sceneries until it occurs: Nik is breaking down... See the whole video to know how this ends!!!

Don't forget to leave us a comment on Youtube how you liked it!!!

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